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0011802Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Reclaimpublic2021-09-06 10:202021-09-19 03:59
0011802: FORCED_ADMINISTRATOR noble missing playable tags
At the very least, the Administrator assigned by conquest should be entitled to appoint a bookkeeper, militia leader, broker, and a manager. On reclaiming a conquered fortress, you're left with no military, which is absurd for an occupying commander. He should at least have the powers of appointment that an expedition leader has.

It seems like an easy fix to simply add [APPOINTED_BY:adminstrator] to the working nobles.
1) Conquer an enemy fortress
2) Retire current fortress
3) Reclaim conquered fortress
4) Note lack of assignable nobles
5) Note lack of ability to add squads on military screen
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2021-09-19 03:59   
Availible through RAW editing yourself, but it does create a problem where the noble progression would be effectively duplicated from normal fortress play.

A suggestion for a test-experiment or solution would be to set requires population tokens on the forced administrator to 1 or eight (+7 embarking dwarves), while setting up the the expedition leader to replace the forced administrator in a similar fashion to a mayor replacing the expedition leader eventually, so when loaded into play at the start of a reclaim, they would exchange for playable noble roles.