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0011806Dwarf FortressMiscellaneous Crashespublic2021-09-14 08:332021-09-14 08:33
0011806: Descriptor pattern tokens, PATTERN:IRIS_EYE, PATTERN:PUPIL_EYE and PATTERN:SPOTS, cause crashes if no colors are given.
Custom descriptor patterns may be told to act as eye colors or spots by using either PATTERN:IRIS_EYE, PATTERN:PUPIL_EYE, PATTERN:SPOTS, but then be given no colors using CP_COLOR. If such a descriptor pattern lacking colors is given to a creature, then the game will crash upon attempting to view that creature's description.
- Copy these into any of the descriptor pattern files (or create a new raw file for them):




- Make a creature use them, e.g. by pasting something like


to the end of the creature definition.

- Load these raws, and attempt to view the creature's description.
I have only tested this in arena mode, but have no reason to believe it would not hold true in the other modes.
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