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0011811: repeated "Store owned item" cycles where nothing is being stored
I keep seeing dwarves fall into a cycle where they just keep going back to a cabinet to "Store owned item" and flicker between that and No job, over and over and over again, but they're clearly not storing anything, because their inventory isn't changing and the inventory in the cabinet isn't changing. I've several times ended up forbidding all the cabinets just to make it stop so the dwarf in question would go do something else. The one I'm watching now is a civilian but I think I've seen it affecting military dwarves too. Save here: https://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=15693, [^] watch the dwarf named Harlequin.
Build cabinets in a dormitory or bedroom, wait? Not sure if there's anything else.
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This happens when dorfs share cabinets, yes. Dorfs go to store their stuff in "their" cabinet, but when they find someone else's stuff in there (because it's "their" cabinet as well) they abort the task only to pick it up again.

The work around is to make sure you never place cabinets in shared bedrooms (dorms or overlapping ones). This probably goes for chests as well, although I haven't seen a problem there (partially because I don't place shared furniture in overlapping zones, and so get no chance to see if it happens).