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0011816Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Raidspublic2021-10-27 17:482021-10-31 03:54
0011816: Second site on same region tile inaccessible through 'c' menu.
If you embark on the same region tile as any other structure (fort, tower, etc), then if you try to interact with your site (from a third fortress, later) through the 'c' menu, you can only interact with the first site on that region tile.

In my current world, 4000 goblins are hiding out in a fortress I made in the shadow of a tower and I have no way to defeat them. Too laggy in adventure mode - can't raid them in fortress mode.
Embark a fortress on the same region tile as something else (tower is easy, or reclaimable fortress).
Retire or abandon that fortress.
Start a new fortress anywhere else.
Open the 'c' menu and check that region tile.
Observe that only the first site there is available to contact/raid.
It seems like this should be simple enough to press 'v' or -= to toggle between sites. I understand it might get complicated with caves, lairs, or other undiscovered sites occupying the same region tile.
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I have a attached save within this seperate issue 0011667 , as i settled upon the same tile as a overland bandit castle. I cannot target my own fortress because it was the secondary feature, even though my fortress is the primary map icon for the tile, and instead defaults to targeting the castle.