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0011820Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Questspublic2021-11-11 10:432021-11-11 10:43
0011820: Necromancer commanders may give their adventurer soldiers a quest to drive their own group out of their tower
After becoming a soldier for a necromancer commander and fulfilling a number of quests, the necromancer gave a quest to drive out a group from their own tower - which turned out to be the group that said necromancer was the leader of. Naturally, this quest cannot be fulfilled, as it would presumably require killing or at least making an enemy of the quest-giver (though "drive out" quests are already quite buggy, so it's hard to tell).

While the idea of a necromancer commanding their loyal soldier to end their unnatural life is dramatic and all, it is probably not intended behavior.

This may be because the necromancer in question became an enemy of their original civilization after becoming a necromancer. If so, similar suicidal quests may happen in other circumstances as well.
Find a necromancer who is also a commander. This is rare, but has been reported elsewhere (where necromancers arrive with living soldiers).
Slay enough beasts to become worthy of joining them as a soldier.
Keep fulfilling quests until they give you the unfulfillable quest.
The game I saw it in was modded, but I doubt the issue is modding-related, as the sorcerers in question are more or less the same as vanilla necromancers.
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