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0011822Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Environmentpublic2021-11-16 09:142021-11-16 09:14
windowswindows 7win 7 pro 32-bit
0011822: Persistent blood apparently in boundary between z-layers
a creature killed early in game. (this example FB Ettin)
normal kill, some trap some axedwarf damage. Lots of bloot & bits of course. Cleaned up easy enough.

5 years later, the same creature's blood STILL appears, virtually at random.

The blood is always on the z-level below where the creature was killed.
The blood appears when a hole is made in the roof. For example: when a tree directly above is felled it leaves a small hole in the ceiling. Sometimes, that creature's blood will appear on the ground below it. Note there is no blood on the tile above , on or around the hole itself, just on the flor one z below it.


A passage is dug through the rock. Passage is on the "blood" level, but is under many layers of mountain. No blood on the walls or floor. Yet when I pump water through the passage, a blotch 4-5 tiles wide of the same creature's blood will appear in the walls of the passage. No contamination in the water other than expected mud.
This blood location can apparently appear anywhere, I've seen it as far as 2/3rds of the map from the original kill location.

Tried removing it with dfhack's cleanmap. It cleans, and the blood returns within seconds, as if there is an undisturbed source right there.
happens often but not predictably
It's happened with 3 of my last 10 maps.
It is *always* one of the very first creatures killed.
It is always just the *one* named creature's blood.
Creature can be one of my dwarfs or pets.
*never* just "rabbit blood" or such. always *named* blood.
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