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0011842Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Managerpublic2021-12-30 02:042022-05-27 20:53
WindowsWindows 10 Home19042.1415
0011842: "Melt-designated" trait in work order condition does not work if added manually
When creating a "Melt a Metal Object" work order via the manager or workshop profile, if you "a: add item condition" and then set the trait "melt-designated items" to that condition, the order will not detect any number of melt-designated items.

If you instead create the condition using "r: Add conditions from reagents/materials", the work order will detect the correct number of melt-designated items and operate as desired.

Both the working and not-working versions are visually identical in the UI.
1. Mark some number of metal objects to be melted.
2. Create a new "Melt a Metal Object" work order via the Manager or a Workshop Profile.
3. Add a condition to this work order using the generic "Add item condition" option.
4. Set the trait "melt-designated" on this condition; it should then read "Amount of melt-designated items available is at least 0".
5. Set the number of items in the work order to any non-zero number less than or equal to the number of objects marked to be melted.
0.47.05, Fortress Mode, manager, manager screen, melt
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