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0011855Dwarf FortressInit Optionspublic2022-02-28 14:412022-03-18 20:54
PCWindows 1064-bit
0011855: d_init.txt setting [SET_LABOR_LISTS:BY_UNIT_TYPE] not working
As I understand it, the setting [SET_LABOR_LISTS:BY_UNIT_TYPE] in d_init.txt should enable all labors of a category (eg. Farmer) if a unit has their highest skill in that category. This doesn't seem to work, and behaves like [SET_LABOR_LISTS:SKILLS] instead.
1. Edit the SET_LABOR_LISTS setting in d_init.txt to "BY_UNIT_TYPE".
2. Start a new game in Fortress mode.
3. Note that both starting dwarves and migrants arrive as if the setting is "SKILLS" instead.
0.47.05, d_init.txt, Fortress Mode, labors
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