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0011867Dwarf FortressCreaturespublic2022-05-11 08:562022-05-11 08:56
0011867: COLOR_PATTERN:STRIPES_ORANGE_WHITE is actually orange and black stripes
In the vanilla game's descriptor_pattern_special.txt raw file, the descriptor or orange and white stripes is incorrectly defined with [CP_COLOR:ORANGE] and [CP_COLOR:BLACK], instead of [CP_COLOR:WHITE] for the latter. I know this doesn't matter much to the game as it is right now, but with the graphical Steam release coming up and the colors for creature sprites apparently being defined by the descriptor colors, I think this would be important to fix.
1. Open the object testing arena.
2. Spawn a red panda or red panda man.
3. View the red panda (man)'s description.
4. Notice how it says "His/her head and tail are striped orange and black."
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