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0011873Dwarf FortressTechnical -- Generalpublic2022-05-31 21:122022-06-01 11:39
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0011873: Material not taking color on higher caste numbers
I'm unsure if this is a problem related to the amount of castes I was using while editing raws, or the amount of materials defined for said castes (blood, other bodily fluids, ect), but after the 6th caste all blood from other castes with defined blood materials displayed "unknown creature blood"
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If you're defining separate materials for each caste (which you really shouldn't be doing), you might run into problems, because a single creature can only have 200 different materials associated with it.
2022-06-01 10:45   
Good to know, I don’t think I’ve gone over 200 as each caste was only adding one (maybe two at most) materials even accounting for the default tissues but I’ll double check my code when I have the opportunity.
2022-06-01 11:39   
Yep, turns out some extra [BODY_DETAIL_PLAN:STANDARD_MATERIALS] snuck in while copying caste definitions, this is just the hardcoded limit hitting