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0011896Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Moodspublic2022-08-03 22:432022-08-03 22:43
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Windows 10
0011896: Strange Mood dwarf in a tree cannot path out, gravity does not take effect when tree is chopped down
A dwarf dyer was gathering fruit in a tree 1 Z level above the ground. There were at least 3 stepladders below the tree. The dyer entered a Strange Mood. I do not know if I had built the workshop they needed. FPS dropped from 100 to 25. The dyer did not leave the tree via the stepladders.

I had a woodcutter chop down the tree in an attempt to free the dyer from the tree. Instead of falling to the ground, the dyer hovered in the air; loo[k]ing at their tile, their tile said the dyer's name and "Open Space". FPS stayed around 25, and the dyer continued to hover.

After killing the dyer via DFHack, FPS returned to 100.
1. Dwarf in a tree
2. Dwarf enters Strange Mood
3. Chop down tree
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