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0011897Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Locationspublic2022-08-04 06:452022-08-04 06:46
0011897: No-aging hermit stops discovering topics with two remaining and goes straight to "Research!"
I was running a challenge with a no-aging hermit to discover every topic in existence, running a script to tell me how many topics have been discovered based on DFHack's df-structures information, and she's skipped out on "philosophy: propositional logic" and "engineering: models and templates" and gone straight to the "Research!" activity.
Set up a hermit with no aging in a study with endless food and simulate for weeks on end, or give them a head start by setting most topics to known using whatever tools you have.
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Oops, by "endless food" I mean going out to gather and cook seeds once in a while.