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0011898Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Buildings, Generalpublic2022-08-05 18:582022-08-05 19:05
0011898: Steel doors are indestructible?
So I built a bunch of airlocks leading to the 3rd cavern. Used garbage quality steel doors between them. Idea was that a bunch of steel doors would at the very least slow down any forgotten beasts. The beast came and I locked it in the airlocks. Its stuck there now. Doesn't knock the doors down. Just wanders back and forth a bit. Got curious and tried it with the demons. Demons are now stuck in the airlocks. I've done this with a couple forts in this world. Haven't tried it with a new world. Haven't tried it with doors made from other materials.
Put some steel doors somewhere. Capture forgotten beasts. Capture demons. ect.
Maybe steel doors are just VERY VERY strong? I haven't seen one fail yet...
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