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0001209: Hyperspeed Rat, other vermin
In my current fortress, there is a rat in one of the carverns who moves insanely fast; about once per every 3 frames, where my dwarves were moving once every 20 frames. It looks really weird seeing a rat move at supersonic speed, but it doesn't impact gameplay much(aside from being distracting) because they don't attack dwarves or anything.
Only seems to have happened with this one rat.
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2010-04-15 14:39   
Yeah, this has been happening with other types of vermin too. I thought it was expected behavior when I saw it with bats (it looks awesome), but rats... not so much.
2010-05-26 09:12   
This is odd, at first I chalked it up to FPS improvements, etc.

They do have the same [SPEED] rates since 40d.

Does [BODY_SIZE] affect [SPEED]?
2010-06-21 21:13   
Unsure about body size... Seems unlikely though.

I'm not sure the RAWs have anything to do with it though, because it only happens occasionally. 98% of vermin are normal speed, but that 2% are just too fast... I've had this occurrence about 3 times now.
2013-04-23 12:24   
It's possible that this rat didn't have its caste set properly - currently, attempting to create a vermin using a custom reaction will result in this same behavior.
2014-03-25 09:55   
A save with one of these vermin on screen would be appreciated.