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0001280Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Itemspublic2010-04-17 17:082014-01-17 10:40
Toady One 
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0001280: Withered plants don't disappear, due to plant material lacking ROTS
Plants such as plump helmets no longer wither away. This means farms can become quantum stockpiles for plants if your other stockpiles are full.
1. Have lots of unstockpiled plants
2. Wait and notice they don't ever wither
Related to 0000161
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related to 0001522new  Stray kitten corpse not rotting 
related to 0000469resolved Toady One Harvested plants left in field do not decay, allowing laborless quantum stockpiling of plants 
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king doom   
2010-04-17 17:11   
I've definately seen plants withering in df_31_02, if this is real then it's from the newest version.
2010-04-18 01:34   
I have seen a lot of plants withering, happens in 0.31.03 too.
2010-04-18 01:38   
Are we talking about withering before or after being harvested?
2010-04-26 17:37   
Any updates?
2010-04-27 08:08   
I've noticed plants don't seem to rot. Plants do not have a [ROT] token on them in 31.03 unlike the other things that can rot, such as meat.

I noticed this because I prefer using very large farm fields with growing all year round to use up all of the seeds so they don't use up my bags. Food stockpiles are specialized for each type of plant and a limited size, with no refuse stockpile accepting plants. This is so that any extra plants are harvested but not hauled anyways, and so just rot in the field. They don't produce miasma so this is fine.

But I started getting piles of plump helmets 10-20 stacks deep on each tile of my fields.

Adding in the [ROT] token to the materials file seems to have helped. The extra plants just wither away.
2010-06-11 18:49   
Bump because it's still not resolved. I'm talking about plants withering after being harvested - if there's no stockpile room then you get huge piles of plants on top of the farm.
2010-06-12 01:59   
I suspect this is because the plants are considered inside the farm "building" which protects them or some crap.
2010-06-25 08:54   
Plants don't wither when left outside either.
In Adventurer mode, I visited a cave which had hundreds of units of food scattered around outside, killed the resident giants, then left. When I came back a month later, most of the meat was rotten but the plants were intact. Nearly two years later, all of the plants (mostly plump helmets) were entirely intact.
2010-06-25 10:22   
Actually, in .08 I have plants that wither. I know because they are on the garbage stockpile. They have not disappeared, though, after two game years.
2010-06-25 11:00   
I noticed that withered plants do not disappear. I eventually had to use the atom smasher to get rid of them 3 or 4 years on.
2010-06-27 08:49   
Looks like they don't wither or rot even when harvested but not hauled to any stockpile in 31.08. I had 10+ stacks of sun berries on each tile of my farm plot after years of farming, and none of them had rotted.

I added in the [ROTS] token to the plant materials listing, and within a month all of the sun berries not in a food stockpile became withered. The withered sunberries were then hauled to my refuse stockpile, where they vanished after only a few more months.

It looks like plants just need the rot token in, and they'll behave normally again.
2010-06-27 18:38   
Good sleuthing, hydis!
2010-08-28 14:00   
The only time plants seem to wither is if you fail to harvest them in time.
2010-09-30 08:23   
Add in the [ROTS] tag and its all fixed! :D
2010-09-30 20:41   
Where, exactly? In STRUCTURAL_PLANT_TEMPLATE in material_template_default.txt?
Malibu Stacey   
2010-10-01 15:52   
Yes jogar2. That fixes it.
Toady One   
2010-10-02 04:26   
I've added [ROTS] to leaves and plant structure now for 0.31.15. Hopefully that doesn't have any unwelcome side effects.