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0001407Dwarf FortressGeologypublic2010-04-21 14:472015-01-19 16:08
Toady One 
0001407: No mineral deposits in ALLUVIAL layers
As far as I can tell, nothing that is specified with the tag [ENVIRONMENT:ALLUVIAL:(any size):100] seems to ever show up in the soil/sand layers, even when looking for it with reveal.

For example, in the default raws, native gold has the tag:

And yet I've never found any native gold in any soil layer so far. In fact I've never found any inclusion of any sort in any of the soil layers; they are always pure uninterrupted soil.

Maybe I'm missing something or doing something wrong, or perhaps misunderstanding the meaning of ALLUVIAL in this case, but this seems like a bug to me!
Generate a world, embark on any site with soil (preferably several soil layers) and use Reveal to look through the soil layers to check for any minerals. If this bug is correct, you won't find any.
If you manually specify each soil type individually as an ENVIRONMENT_SPEC, eg: [ENVIRONMENT_SPEC:SILTY_CLAY:CLUSTER_SMALL:100] then it seems to work as expected.
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child of 0001111resolved Toady One Ore/gem frequency parameters don't work 
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See 0000804, which also drew the conclusion that ALLUVIAL doesn't work.
2010-04-21 15:32   
really old bug, if at all; alluvial probably is not implemented
2010-04-21 16:51   
Hopefully I didn't commit a faux pas by submitting this! I am kind of new at this, just trying to help out :) Feel free to close if it is useless.
2010-04-22 00:22   
Nah it's cool, this one had some extra information.
2010-08-20 07:45   
Just for clarification, ALLUVIAL does not mean SOIL, SOIL_SAND, or SOIL_OCEAN.
2011-08-31 13:33   
There have been multiple reports of jade gems showing up in random sedimentary layers (such as sandstone), so it's possible this has been fixed.
2012-09-04 13:51   
Yeah, it's worked fine for a good while now. Not sure why this is still open.