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0001545: Mousepointer discrepancy with display
I am using a netbook which has a widescreen monitor, fullscreen does not display right, so DF is in windowed mode. Recently I changed the windowed mode from the default size to the advised dimensions (1280x800 IIRC).
Now with this bigger tilesize, the mouse pointer selects tiles half a tile above the pointed at tile.

It is a minor technical issue and probably more to do with my hardware than the interface.
Probably a hardware issue.
set dimensions of windowed mode to those of fullscreen, start game as windowed, try to designate some mining and observe not-pointed-at tiles being selected.
Using Samsung netbook N120
init.txt, interface, mouse, Windowed
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2010-04-26 09:10   
Had you switched back and forth between windowed and fullscreen?
2010-04-26 14:30   
I have the same issue. I run at a windowed res of 1280x1024 using the mayday graphics pack. I use a desktop PC with a normal 3x4 monitor. When I first start up it works as expected but sometimes is just starts happening even though I don't switch modes. It always happens if I switch modes. It also randomly fixes itself. I do switched between other tasks quite a lot (for example I'm playing DF right now) so maybe that has something to do with it.
2010-04-26 14:38   
Maybe you accidentially hit the fullscreen key? I used to accidentially hit it in 40D (it would crash then, but doesn't with 0.31.##), so I remapped that to a key combo I wouldn't likely hit.

The 40D## merge is underway, so maybe see how it works after that? May also want to post about it in the main thread for Mayday's graphics pack just to let him know.
2010-04-27 03:19   
(edited on: 2010-04-27 03:26)
I haven't got any graphics packs installed (yet), waiting for the problems there to be fixed, also while bughunting less alterations is good. :)
I might have accidentally hit fullscreen at some point, but I don't see how that would be carried across several saves and regions.
Only thing changed was the init.txt setting for 'windowed'.

Let's wait for the D merge etc.

2010-04-27 15:27   
I don't hit the full screen key. Its mapped to F11 for me and I don't use any keys on that row while playing. I'm not on a laptop either (full size keyboard here) so my layout is cramped or anything. Also I haven't reset the full screen resolution so if I did switch I would notice it immediately.
2010-05-09 04:31   
I have found the cause and a solution:

The (windowed) screen with the big tileset is just a little bit too big for my screen resolution and so it is displayed with the top 'row' partially obscured behind the windows-titlebar.
Minimizing the DF-window and resizing it resets the display which is then displayed properly in line with mouse pointer, IDLE# and PAUSED indicators are properly visible now again as well.
Unfortunately information displayed at the bottom of the screen is now not visible anymore.
Choosing a more forgiving monitor resolution or a smaller tileset should solve the entire issue. (unless mousepointers are always offset in windowed mode)
2010-05-27 05:31   
This is solved in 31.04, right?
2010-06-06 14:45   
I just DLd created a world and embarked all default-like.
It seems that this displaydiscrepancy does indeed not occur in 31.05.
I'll have`to test how it deals with the altered screen dimensions I used earlier at a later time.
31.05 is a lot more forgiving about screen resizing etc that is for sure. :)
Good job Baughn!
2010-06-10 21:02   
Sounds like this one's fixed. If it's not, feel free to reopen it.