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0001549Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Eating/Drinkingpublic2010-04-26 09:212014-08-04 09:40
Toady One 
0001549: Adventurers can drink blood spatters even if they're not dehydrated
So, I was adventuring, and I got the 'THIRSTY' prompt at the bottom of the screen. No problem, slaughtering people for goblin quests is thirsty work, I open the drink menu and am given PAGES, listing each spatter of blood on each part of my body. I'm given the option of drinking each of these things, and when I select one, I drink it and it fixes my thirst! Incredible! I can kill as many humans as I want, and drink forever from a few minor spatterings of blood!
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has duplicate 0001552closed Footkerchief Adventurers can drink blood without being thirsty 
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This seems to have been fixed.