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0001550: Trade Depot
Traders come in to your trade depot and unpack their goods. After they get they get in there and you start to see their goods star flowing and shifting arround.

Hit Q>Trade Depot>Demolish

After you mason comes arround or who ever is responsible for the material you've built yours out of and brings the house down. The traders leave without their stuff. My dwarfs swoop in and collect. I enjoy this as I'm lazy and making everything is complicated. I enjoy their free stuff. I haven't had any negative effects from this in relation to standings with the traders and only have to complain about not have enough stock pile space.

Just letting you know.
Build A trading Depot
Currently I've ever built one of stone. Because it's everwhere.
Let some traders tra la la into your depot.

Hit Q>Trade Depot>Demolish

They leave their stuff and either move to your second trading depot with their goods, or just leave. You get the standard. ~Traders Name~ caravan is departing.
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duplicate of 0000293resolved Toady One Deconstructing trade depot gives you the traders' items 
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Duplicate of 0000293
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Been around since before 40D, but yea its technically a bug even though some consider it a feature and its an eploit at the same time.