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0000160Dwarf FortressVegetationpublic2010-04-02 11:202012-03-30 07:51
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0000160: Subterranean plants grow on any underground soil
Once you discover the caverns in your fortress, the underground plants like the tower caps, dimple cups and whatnot will begin growing on ANY available soil, muddied or not. Not sure if this was the intention, I'm assuming not since all farm plots have to be irrigated now.
Dig out an area underground in a soil layer
Break into underground cavern
Underground crops will begin growing wildly in any subterranean section that is either soil (clay, sand, etc) or muddied (stone or soil).
farming, mud, plant, trees, underground
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2010-04-02 11:49   
I don't know that this is a bug, it's consistent with the behavior of tower-caps from 40d which begin growing after any underground water source is discovered. There are simply more underground plants now, and it's much easier to find an underground water source.
2010-04-05 11:24   
Feature, not a bug. AFAIK you only get woody fungi and shrubs, not actual food production.
2010-04-05 11:29   
I find this happens from day one of any fortress, as soon as I have large soil areas dug out, underground plants start growing in them, long before breaching the caverns.
2012-03-30 05:39   
"I'm assuming not since all farm plots have to be irrigated now" - it is now untrue, this requirement was removed
2012-03-30 06:48   
Definately not a bug. Once the spores are out, they are out.