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0001633Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Tradepublic2010-04-28 22:042010-06-09 06:46
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0001633: Imported vermin are always yours
Vermin that the Elves bring to the depot instantly count as your own, and can be moved to a new cage before even saying hi to the elves.
Wait for a late-in-the-game Elven caravan, one with a large amount of goods, and make sure you have a cage built. Then as they're there, assign all creatures to that cage, your dwarves will take the vermin from the depot and deliver them to the cage.

Unknown if this annoys the elves (and so what if it does)
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duplicate of 0000415resolved Toady One Merchants' unpurchased small creatures can be placed in cages 
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0000415 covered most of this.

Does "count as your own" mean that they show up in the Animals screen?

2010-05-06 14:04   
It means that, without trading, I can cage a large number of "fox squirrel (Tame)" and so forth. I don't see them on the animals menu, but in the cage assignments of a built cage.
2010-05-06 14:10   
Mmkay. No new info from 0000415 then.