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0001652Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Activity Zonespublic2010-04-30 06:042010-06-09 07:56
Toady One 
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0001652: Setting an animal to a pit then deleting the zone did not remove the job
I created a pit/pond, then set it to inactive and set one of my war dog to it.

The zone also could not be reached because it was in part of a cavern I had walled off.

I deleted the zone, checked the jobs list and found the job to pit the war dog was still there.
I have not tried but I would think that:
1.create a pit/pond
2.assign an animal to it
3.delete the zone
animals, Fortress Mode, jobs, Pit, Zones
child of 0000074resolved Toady One Zones not getting cleaned up after removal (persist after save/load too) 
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Toady One   
2010-06-06 00:39   
This has been fixed for 0.31.06. I tried it with both types of zone deletion (the tile-by-tile one was just fixed as was probably the issue).