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0000166: build access behind Hatch Cover
build access behind a hatch cover is blocked
Produce two hatch covers.
Dig a short tunnel. (Z 0)
Dig a down stair and a up/down stair below it. (Z -1)
Wait for it to finish.
Build a Hatchcover on (Z 0)
Wait for the cover to be placed.
designate more up/down stairs below the original ones.
Note that the miner runs down the stairs to dig and resurfaces without problems.
Try to build the second Hatch Cover on level Z -1 or below.
Note that it cannot be placed (No access)
I discovered this while digging into a cave system and trying to place a second security hatch. building walls in the cave system seems to be blocked, too.
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Not a bug; it's always been like that. Dwarves have to stand next to things they're building. Generally when I want to put a hatch in a 1x1 stairwell, I dig out a wall, build the hatch (with the dwarf standing on the newly dug out space) and then rebuild the wall.
2010-04-03 09:42   
okay,if that is so, someone with the rights to do so, please kill the bug.
Thanks for the info Kanddak