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0001670Dwarf FortressGeologypublic2010-05-01 05:492010-06-09 06:45
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0001670: River falling into a lake... two z-levels above it
I embarked in a temperate climate near the place where river falls into a lake. Water was frozen, but when I looked at the place where lake contacted with river I saw that near the lake's frozen water was open space and the river started two z-levels below.
The world may still be intact on remmon's server in dfterm, may ask him to upload the save.
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Wait, why couldn't it have been the river being fed by the lake?

Edit: But the ice + open space thing is a different bug.

2010-05-01 05:53   
if the lake was feeding the river... then what was feeding the lake?
2010-05-01 05:55   
oh, and I mean open space not ABOVE lake, but NEAR the lake, above (not immediatly above, but normal behaviour) the river, so that when lake thaws, all the water will be instantly washed over river.
2010-05-01 12:23   
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It would be helpful for you to upload screenshots of the situation to Tinypic, or upload your map to the DF Map Archive so that we can get a look at it. http://mkv25.net/dfma/ [^]

Also, it's entirely reasonable for the lake to feed the river. I'm assuming if it was a lake, it was big enough to replenish itself from the edge of the map.

2010-06-08 08:53   
Didn't get necessary information, so I'm marking this "unable to reproduce." Feel free to reopen this report or PM me if it surfaces again.

The "open space" thing is likely linked to 0001265.