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0001688Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Announcementspublic2010-05-01 23:082015-01-10 09:29
normaltexthave not tried
0001688: On encountering a downwards leading passage from the bottom, the message still says 'leads downwards'.
When encountering a passage leading from one level of cavern (cavern-1) to another level (cavern-2) you are given a message along the lines of 'You have found a passage leading down!'. However, if you encounter the passage in cavern-2, leading to cavern-1 (which you didn't explore) you zoom to the bottom of the passage and get the same message.
Dig down to cavern-2. Find the downwards passage from cavern-1 to cavern-2, but find it by exploring cavern-2.
Might be difficult to reproduce, depending on the rate of occurrence of these passages. This was, unfortunately, a few days ago and I can no longer remember exactly what the name was. I just remembered.
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Are there passages between cavern layers? I can't remember seeing any in DF2014.