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0000169Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Stockpilespublic2010-04-02 12:532011-08-05 08:22
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0000169: Dwarves don't respect stockpile sub-settings
Created a food stockpile. Forbid everything except seeds. Dwarves haul barrel after barrel of non-seed food to the stockpile. Cave lobsters, meat, seeds, everything.
Create a food stockpile. Disable various kinds of food from the stockpile. Dwarves will carry those kinds of food to the stockpile anyway.
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2010-04-02 18:04   
(edited on: 2010-04-02 18:30)
Came to report this problem, seems to happen with stone stockpiles too. I've got a stockpile set to only collect "metal ores" and it's still getting talc, and other economic ores dragged to it.

This appears to only occur when the settings are changed after creating the stockpile. maybe the jobs are being created when the stockpile is placed, then not verified later to see if the pile will still take the material.

2010-04-02 18:11   
This is weird... I have a stockpile set to just take seeds, and I have my main stockpile refusing seeds. It seems to work OK for me...
2010-04-02 18:17   
just created a seed stockpile. works correctly for me.
2010-04-02 21:29   
I wonder if this has something to do with changing a stockpile type after creating it. I am having the problem you described with bar/block stockpiles but not with food stockpiles. This MIGHT be because with item stockpiles I tend to lazily create them as "Animal" and then change them to the proper type later. (I do this because Animal is first on the list and I don't have to type anything; also the default bin number for Animal is 0 rather than maximum, and I prefer micromanaging bins.)

I don't tend to do this with food stockpiles and they have been fine. Could this be the answer?
2010-04-02 21:30   
sounds like something you should try testing...
2010-04-03 05:21   
I'm having the same problem with custom Furniture/Siege Ammo stockpile.
I've unset Stone & Wood Material, but the dorfs still brought stone floodgates, coffers, etc.

Note that I specifically made a stockpile for JUST Stone Furnitures that is CLOSER to the Mason's workshop, but still to this day the stockpile is completely empty, except for an empty wooden bin (Wood was unset,btw)
2010-04-03 05:33   
I haven't had any problems my stockpiles, I always create them as what I want them to be. I DID create a food stockpile, and adjust what types of food they can bring to it. They respected my adjustments.
2010-04-03 13:56   
I have the problem intermittently, My alcohol only, seed only, and edible food only stockpiles work fine, but when my masons create stone furniture, about 1/3 of the stone furniture is put into the wood furniture stockpile, and the remaining 2/3 goes to the closer stone only furniture sotckpile.
2010-04-03 14:01   
i think the problem is that all the stone types ( as well as soil and gems ) are all listed in the "metal" list
2010-04-14 11:05   
Today I made four stockpiles for cloth. They are divided by thread vs cloth and silk vs plant fiber. Thread and cloth are being sorted properly but plant fiber thread is being stored in both thread stockpiles. I double-checked, and it is definitely set for silk thread only in one of the piles.
2010-04-28 14:29   
All of my stockpiles seem to work fine, but I usually create them with a blank "custom" setting then adjust them myself, so it's likely to have to do with initial stockpile settings, as other people have said.
2010-08-06 15:06   
I had the same problem with cloth/silk on version 31.12