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0001704Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Stockpilespublic2010-05-02 16:022011-03-13 05:26
Toady One 
0001704: Toggle for "fresh raw hides" in refuse stockpile doesn't work
As title. They don't store where they used to, as Fresh Raw Hides, nor as Body Parts.
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child of 0000157resolved Toady One Stockpile settings "metal" category includes stones, gems, soil and other inorganics 
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2010-05-02 22:30   
Check the refuse stockpile. In the refuse stockpile there are options for fresh raw hides and rotten raw hides.
2010-05-02 23:54   
^^^ Do those actually work? I'm not sure I've tried.
2010-05-03 07:03   
No, that does not work. That was, in fact, my point. ;)
2010-05-03 08:39   
I've had skins stored in stockpiles in 0.31.03. What are your global refuse orders set at? Also, are you using a butcher shop outside? If you've got the indoor/outdoor refuse settings set just wrong they might ignore the skins since they are outside.
2010-05-03 13:08   
Workshop and stockpiles are all underground, indoors. All butchery products are saved. Everything else from the butcher workshop was going to the appropriate stockpile except for the skins. This isn't the first fortress where I have had the problem, and all of the situations have been underground and indoors. In all cases the situation becomes apparent when the tannery stops working and the skins begin to pile up in the butcher shop because they aren't being taken to the Fresh Raw Hide stockpile. I have to kickstart the tannery with the Job Manager. Maybe the bug is in a loss of recognition that there are skins to be processed and/or stored?
Jiri Petru   
2010-05-03 13:31   
(edited on: 2010-05-03 13:32)
They do store in general refuse stockpiles that allow everything. Skins are just "body parts" like every other, you can only specify the animal, not the part. The whole skins/bones/shells/etc. part of the stockpile settings seems to be meaningless now.

And it's not only refuse stockpiles, it's all around... if I'm not mistaken, "stone material" setting doesn't work anywhere, because nothing is stone any more, everything is just "metal". Et cetera, et cetera.

Seems like the new material system has broken the stockpile settings.

2010-05-03 13:32   
(edited on: 2010-05-03 13:33)
Maybe the bug is in a loss of recognition that there are skins to be processed and/or stored?

Yeah, the jobs that were converted to the reaction system (fat rendering, soapmaking, and apparently tanning) have problems recognizing that the reagents are available -- see 0000262 and 0000372. That still doesn't explain why they weren't taken to a stockpile, though.

Some slightly off-the-wall questions... do you have multiple refuse stockpiles set up? Do they all have customized settings, or is there at least one plain-jane refuse stockpile? Are the butcher's shop and the stockpiles in the same burrow? Do any of the stockpiles have "Take from stockpile" turned on?

2010-05-03 14:09   
I hate this application. That is twice that it invalidated my session while I was composing my reply! Now you only get a short reply.

No burrows at all, no stockpiles taking from other stockpiles, and no general purpose refuse pile. I have custom stockpiles covering all possibilites as given in the refuse stockpile option lists, but not one with everything turned on. I can dig one huge room out for a general refuse pile, I suppose.
2010-05-03 14:39   
Yeah, I'm curious about the general pile because Silveron mentioned he'd seen skins in stockpiles, so maybe there's some hidden variable in the stockpile options or something.
Jiri Petru   
2010-05-03 16:28   
(edited on: 2010-05-03 16:29)
As I've said, I can confirm that skins do get stored in general refuse stockpiles.

My personal bet is that the stockpile settings are accustomed to the old material system. They are probably looking for a tag that doesn't exist any more, and so skins fall to some "default" category like nervous tissues or nails. Or something along the lines. I should probably stop speculating now...

2010-05-03 16:53   
Ha-ha, I fooled it by copying my post out into notepad before attempting to add it. :D

I can also now confirm that skins do go to a generalized refuse pile. Where they don't go is to ones set up for Fresh Raw Hides, for remains, for all Item Types except Fresh Raw Hides or remains, for Body Parts, or for Corpses. In other words, they go to something not on any of the lists which is allowed if all of the main categories are permitted. Ditto for rotten skins.

Probably it is something unlisted under Item Types, since Body Parts and Corpses is something I use as a whole stockpile while I do divide the Item Types.

Another issue with the refuse pile settings is something that I thought was only aesthetic but may relate to this problem. When Item Types is forbidden, it goes all the way to the shade of grey that indicates completely forbidden. When Corpses or Body Parts are forbidden, they go to the color in between grey and bright white that should mean that some part of them is still selected. However, nothing shows up in the list as allowed.
2010-05-28 19:17   
Maybe the game isn't drawing a distinction between Fresh Raw Hides and Rotten Raw Hides? That would be odd, though, because I have one stockpile set up to accept Fresh Raw Hides but not Rotten Raw Hides, and one set up to accept Rotten Raw Hides but not Fresh Raw Hides, and both fresh AND rotten raw hides are stored in the Fresh Raw Hides stockpile.
2010-05-28 19:21   
Further detail: The refuse stockpile in which both fresh and rotten skins are stored has the following enabled:

No Items except Fresh Raw Hide
All Corpses
All Body Parts

The refuse stockpile where no skins are stored has the opposite settings (all items except Fresh Raw Hide, no Corpses, no Body Parts). Perhaps skins are considered both a "Raw Hide" *and* a body part of the animal they come from? Thus they will not be stored in a stockpile that has either "Fresh Raw Hide" or the body part setting for the creature the skin comes from disabled.