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Toady One 
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0001705: Elven merchants came, will not leave.
Not my first elven caravan, have 2 trade depots one is forbidden, they came to the newer one and traded but its been several months since they announced they had left and are still here. They have began entering my fortress to use my wells it appears.
I cannot get my military to murder them =(
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If you keep waiting do they ever leave? The elves bring tons of items now so it can take a while to pack all their stuff up.

Edit: Does it persist after saving and loading your game?

2010-05-02 18:04   
This is a duplicate of 0000325, and a known issue.

A quick fix is to go into your raws, objects, creature_large_tropical, scroll down to the Warthog location, and add after [Natural][TRADE_CAPACITY:2000]

you can also do 1500.

The bug largely has to do with warthogs having no capacity limit, so they just bring millions of items. The elves have to pack all of this back up, which takes many many months.

Another manner of getting them to leave is simply forbidding all their stuff, or deconstructing the trade depot. Both options, however, will leave you with mounds upon mounds of junk you'll need to atom smash.
2010-05-02 18:07   
Also, as you stated they are 'using your wells' - if for any reason traders encounter blood, they will go to wells to clean themselves. More than likely, this is why your traders are using your wells. It could also keep them from leaving.
2010-05-02 22:22   
They will eventually go insane if they stay on the map too long. This can be related to either them carrying so much junk they cannot pack it all up in time, or they keep trying to visit the well to clean up. Either way they will eventually go insane.

This will lead to massive clutter from the elves dropping millions of useless items all over your fortress, and/or blood splatter everywhere.
Toady One   
2010-06-09 01:05   
Assuming this is related to their massive amounts of goods, this'll be fixed for 0.31.06.