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0001729: Goblin Obsidian not useable?
I embarked on an abandoned goblin fort from worldgen, and I cannot seem to use the obsidian mined out of goblin fortresses for anything. Not to make swords, not to build walls, not anything.
Embark on a goblin fortress. Mine out goblin obsidian. Try to use it - oh look, you can't.
The ruined fort in question also seems to have remains of wooden buildings. I can use their wood fine after deconstruction.

Building, then removing, floors or walls on top of the un-mined obsidian turns it into biome-determined stone/sand/loam/etc. (I like this, but it's obviously a glitch)
Dark Fortress
duplicate of 0000073resolved Toady One cannot disable the use of obsidian in the z->stone screen 
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Duplicate of 0000073, though with the opposite symptom - the only way you can use obsidian is if you embark in an area containing layers of it.

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fool's gold, goblin's obsidian ;)