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0001732Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Tradepublic2010-05-03 20:472014-08-04 11:00
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0001732: "Prepared meals" not listed at trade depot except in "all"
To find prepared meals in order to trade them at the trade depot, one must browse through "all" (in many fortresses, this can take a VERY long time). I looked carefully, checking several times, through the categories and could not find a category including prepared meals at all. They are only listed in "all".
1) Build a trade depot
2) q to see building
3) g to move goods to depot
4) Search for prepared meals. They are only found in "all".
If the foods are very far away, even using page-down it can take several minutes to find them especially in fortresses over a year old, or where a lot of mining or creating has gone on. Very tedious...
depot, food, Holdover from 40d?, Intentional/Expected?, interface, leftover from 40d, old bug?, trade, trade depot, trading, user interface
related to 0000065resolved Toady One Mugs not a category in "Bring to trade depot" menu 
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2010-05-03 20:51   
If the foods are in barrels they are listed under "barrels" but if they are not, they can only be found in "all"

I suppose one could create a prepared foods stockpile next to the trade depot to make them come up earlier in "all", making them easier to find.
2010-05-03 22:10   
(edited on: 2010-05-03 22:11)
On the "Move goods to/from Depot" screen, you can press 's' then enter some text to search for that text, which makes finding such things much easier. An easy meal will be something "biscuits", a fine meal will be something "stew", and a lavish meal will be something "roast". If you store prepared meals in a barrel for some reason, then they will be in a "prepared food barrel" (you can use just "prepared food" to search for that).

2010-05-03 23:00   
This behavior was also present in 40d.
Lord Shonus   
2010-05-10 17:23   
Sorting by value makes it a lot easier.
2014-08-04 11:00   
There's a filter/search in the "bring items to depot" screen now - I'm not sure exactly when it was added, but, given that it was in 0.34.11, not in 0.31.03, and not mentioned in the devlog, I'll lump it in with 0.34.01's fixes.