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0001736Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Buildings, Machinespublic2010-05-04 06:452020-02-04 15:33
0001736: Millstones may be designated as hanging, but are not built or used.
Pretty straightforward. A millstone may be designated to be constructed hanging from a gear assembly\axle, or supported from below by a gear assembly\axle, but will not be built by a mechanic. Likewise, if you build a floor below the millstone, construct the millstone, and then remove the floor, the millstone will hang, but without a floor it will not be used. Millstones built over vertical axles or gear assemblies in this way will not receive power from below, though millstones hanging off of horizontal axles, or horizontally off a gear assembly, will register as having power and allow jobs to be queued.
Set up water-wheels below your millstones.
Channel the power up to them.
Attempt to build millstones supported by the vertical axles\gear assemblies, or hanging off of a gear assembly\horizontal axle.
Fairly sure the bug here is actually that millstones hang at all, when they shouldn't. Though it does seem like I should be able to run an axle up through the floor to power a millstone from beneath, without the use of a gear assembly on the millstones level.
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Still exists in 0.47.01