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0000178Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Stealthpublic2010-04-02 14:122014-07-15 07:36
Toady One 
Fuijitsu Lifebook T4220Windows XP Tablet Edition 2005SP3
0000178: Megabeasts and other creatures ignore sneaking....
While sneaking Megabeasts seem to always be able to see you. The same applies with creatures that you encounter on the travel screen. Even if you get away from them and start sneaking they always still see you. NOTE: This is not the same as always being discovered or spotted.
Hide from a Megabeast or the creature(s) in a random travel encounter and they will still path to and fight you. But hiding and sneaking seems to work correctly on other native populations in both cases.
I have tested this from novice to master ambusher and it always reproduces. This might be a new feature but it is still showing my adventurer as sneaking successfully even though the enemies are pathing to and fighting him in out of the way places.
ambush, Fixed in 0.40.01?, megabeast, Sneak
related to 0001203resolved Toady One might tame animals prematurely detect ambushers in some cases? 
parent of 0002914resolved Footkerchief Sometimes attacking creatures while sneaking will not break you out of sneak mode 
related to 0000975new  Animals steal items from stealthed invaders 
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2010-04-05 15:33   
It appears the enemy still cannot "see" you, as I was able to [t]ravel away even though the bronze collosus I was fighting was only a few tiles away.
2010-04-05 17:30   
It is my expectation that I should be "discovered" before an enemy starts to attack me. This did not seem to be the case. Furthermore, on occasion, I have found it possible to continue sneaking long after I have started engaging something.
2010-04-13 14:17   
(edited on: 2010-04-13 14:22)
In my experience, this isn't specific to megabeasts or ambushes or anything -- anyone's who's targeting/chasing you when you start sneaking never actually loses sight of you. And ranged weapon users shoot at you while you're sneaking even if they never saw you not-sneaking.

2010-04-13 21:37   
(edited on: 2010-04-13 21:41)
It is my experience that megabeasts often target you and come after you even if you are sneaking long before you draw close to them. They pursue without having ever spotted my adventurers. Some of the behavior I have seen may very well be game play changes but I don't think everything is kosher as they say.

2010-04-15 11:42   
Oh yeah, I didn't mean that what I described is intended behavior. Sneaking definitely has some bugs.

2014-01-27 13:03   
Possibly fixed in the upcoming release due to the sneaking rewrite.
2014-07-12 09:35   
Just tried this on a mountain titan, and he couldn't see me until I exposed myself, so I think it was fixed. Maybe you want to try more tests.
2014-07-13 13:06   
FYI for people testing in 0.40.xx, note that some creatures (night creatures in particular) have blood-vision and can detect you through walls.
2014-07-15 07:36   
Please PM me on the forums if this bug isn't actually fixed.