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0001865Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Immigrationpublic2010-05-13 18:482010-07-16 21:14
normalmajorhave not tried
0001865: wealth is crazy
4 waves of immigrants before caravan.
created wealth at first cavavan 1147100?
weapons: none
armor and garb: none
furniture: 4820
architecture: 1123600?
displayed 5094
held/Worn none
imported wealth 130169
exported wealth none
hard to get food to support new people every month
duplicate of 0000486resolved Toady One Fortress wealth calculation includes undiscovered cavern items, causing large migrant waves 
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2010-05-13 19:27   
When you say 4 waves of immigrant before the caravan, do you mean the very first caravan? Immigration only occurs once per season so I'm slightly sceptical of either claim.

Do you have any revealed underground features? They are known to produce odd structural wealth.
2010-07-16 21:14   
Reminder sent to: TomiTapio

Hi TomiTapio -- I appreciate that you're trying to help by tagging reports, but please go easy with the tags. Generally, tagging reports with search terms like "wealth" is only beneficial if a) those terms don't already appear in the report and b) the report is still open. Also, tagging a report "bumps" it to the top of the list of recently updated reports, which makes it harder for me to find the reports that have been updated with useful information.