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0001900Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Noblespublic2010-05-16 09:302010-06-09 06:45
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0001900: Nobles screen - duplicate entries
I suddenly noticed i had a duplicate entry for "militia captain" wich was VACANT
I appointed the same dwarf as the first entry and ....
A third entry with VACANT appeared.
I appointed the same dwarf as the first entry and ....
A fourth entry with VACANT appeared.
I appointed another random dwarf and ....
a fifth entry for militia captain appeared !

not tested
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duplicate of 0000266resolved Toady One Multiple Militia captain positions available for militia commander 
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2010-05-16 09:47   
Well, essentially all you've done is appoint a bunch of different squad leaders. The allowing of the same dwarf to be the leader of multiple squads may be a different sort of thing.
2010-05-16 11:09   
Logical2u, I think 0000266 covered all aspects of this one, but since you have a conversation going, I'll leave it up to you.
2010-05-16 13:49   
Yea, you're probably right Footkerchief. I didn't notice that bug you linked when it first went through the system, I guess.

I'm pretty sure 0000266 covers your bug, ketsa. If you disagree, you can reopen this or contact me via PM on the forums.