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0001908Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Embarkpublic2010-05-16 17:052010-06-09 06:45
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Windows VistaSP 1
0001908: Have to click to update site finder.
When you start a search in the site finder, the counter up says "Searching 1/81..." and remains stuck as long as you don't click somewhere on the screen. You have to click for every 1 or 2 units on the total. Once it has reached the total, everything is fine and it brings up the result as usual.
1. Generate a new world.
2. Start a new Dwarf Fortress.
3. Use the site finder.
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duplicate of 0001907closed Toady One Site finder only advances on key press (or mouse click) 
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After reloading DF and trying again, any key works, disabling the mouse use prevents from using clicks to "pump" the search. Holding the key down works, too.

Just noticed: this is the same issue as 0001907