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0001920Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Stockspublic2010-05-17 00:312010-06-09 06:45
0001920: Stocks screen hangs on "stone" and then skips to next category
Moving to the stones line causes the interface to hang for a second and then skip to the next line up or down (depending on which direction I was coming from).
Go to the stocks screen and move the selector to the stones line.
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2010-05-17 00:37   
this'll happen to any category where you have billions of the item in question, seeds for instance.
2010-05-17 02:06   
This happened in 40d#, as I recall. A workaround is to use page up/down to select it, as it shouldn't get bypassed then.
2010-05-17 12:00   
Using page down causes the same hang and then it skips a full page instead of one line.
2010-05-17 18:01   
Really? Odd, it worked in 40d#. I guess it's worse now.
2010-05-20 14:05   
The paging trick does still work. I suspect, however that if you get enough (lots!)of that category of items, you'd see the behavior kudakeru described.
2010-05-20 14:21   
I have this exact same problem. I did not have this problem in 0.31.03. It's almost like the 'key up' event is getting lost while it's processing the huge numbers of items in a category? My stones menu takes over 60 seconds to open, so it's a little frustrating when it gets skipped.
2010-05-23 13:26   
40d worked fine. The game would just hang when you selected it. New version will skip over it after hanging for a second.
2010-05-27 09:50   
If I try enough times eventually the cursor will land on the item I want instead of skipping it. I'm looking at items with counts in the 900? range, undoubtedly your luck would be worse with larger n.
2010-05-27 18:02   
I have an extremely slow computer, and can confirm this problem. Also another problem that I believe is related: on certain pages with inline searches (Legends mode name search, and Fortress mode's 'move to trade depot' page), pressing a letter will type two of those letters in a row, making the search all but useless.

In short, on my system this happens whenever a keyboard input calls a very large list. It makes me wonder if the list is taking so long to compile, and locks up so much of the system's resources, that the game erroneously believes that the user has held down the key long enough to start key repeating.

I went into init.txt and changed [KEY_HOLD_MS] from 150 to 650. This reduced the occurrence of the problem but did not eliminate it. I have yet to try larger values (because they make it annoying to do any hold-scrolling), and will report my results when I do.

If I'm right about the source of the problem, perhaps adding a short (10-20ms?) delay between scrolling in the stocks page and calling up that category's list would get rid of this issue? ::shrug::