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0001951Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Generalpublic2010-05-18 12:402014-06-10 08:16
0001951: Delay between performing wrestling move and time advancing
As a bronze colossus, I allowed a dragon to breathe fire on me to start myself melting. At close range, I was able to use [A] to begin a wrestling move, and once I chose my action, it printed that single line; however, once I pressed [A] to choose another attack, I was then notified that I was melting.

In several cases, I melted to death after pressing [A] the 2nd time but before actually getting the attack menu - in these cases, once I dismissed the "You have melted." message, the attack menu appeared and I was able to make an additional attack after I was dead (not surprisingly, it missed).
Spawn a strong creature (e.g. dragon) and a weak creature capable of wrestling (e.g. a dwarf). Assume control of the weak creature, then repeatedly attempt to wrestle using the [A] menu.
Fixed in 0.40.01?, SDL-only
parent of 0001952confirmed Footkerchief After death, time only advances on keypress/mouseclick 
parent of 0002095resolved Toady One Adv. Mode alt-move sometimes requires multiple attempts to work 
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2010-05-18 12:52   
It looks like the root cause is the same as 0001952/0001907 - if you left-click after performing the wrestling move, time suddenly advances as it's supposed to.
2010-06-10 11:47   
This also happens with alt-movement - see 0002095.
2010-12-03 13:24   
Reminder sent to: Quietust

Does this still occur in 0.31.18 SDL?
2010-12-03 16:43   
Confirmed that this does still happen in 0.31.18 SDL - I was able to replicate the above dragon wrestling scenario in Arena mode and make the same post-mortem wrestling attempt.
2014-06-08 19:33   
Confirmed that this bug still happens in 0.34.11