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0001992Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Roomspublic2010-05-20 06:002015-02-01 08:40
Toady One 
0001992: Dwarves do not assign selves to empty bedrooms.
Dwarves used to automatically assign themselves to an empty bed that was assigned as a room. This no longer works for me, which leads to having to assign every bed to an individual dwarf manually. Though not difficult, it is certainly time consuming.
Start a fort, make some beds, assign said beds as rooms, and wait.
In a 100 dwarf fort, I have seen maybe 6 beds chosen by dwarves at random. So this doesn't seem to be absolute, but I think they are grabbing beds a bit slower then is necessary.
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has duplicate 0002936resolved Logical2u Dwarves don't claim bedrooms properly. 
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2010-05-20 06:25   
This seems like it may have been fixed in.04, give me a bit of time with this fort and I'll get back.
2010-05-20 09:26   
Militia dwarves in a squad with the 'sleep in room at will' option DO assign themselves rooms. Civilians seem not to. Perhaps they're waiting for the dwarven economy? I have that disabled, so I can't say.
2010-05-21 12:47   
It seems I was mistaken. The dwarves seem to be doing it now, though it took a long time. Economy is not on for me either. I'm going to say leave this open for now in case anyone else is having the problem, it may be a fluke.

I'm certain pre .04 this was an issue for me, I just never got around to reporting it.
2010-05-21 14:01   
(edited on: 2010-05-21 14:09)
I'm playing on .04 OSX, and I have started to notice this as well. I have 11 dorfs, and only three have self assigned bedrooms.

I think it may be doing it slower then what we're used to in 40d.

I did notice that the original 7 didnt go comatose at the exactly the same time. This is probably due to the metabolism the dorf have now.

2010-05-21 19:04   
In 40d they only assigned themselves beds when they slept in an empty room. Since dwarves will now sleep in rooms assigned to other dwarves, as well as hospital beds, even if they have a room assigned, that might be what's causing it. They're not sleeping in a bed that's an empty room, so they don't assign themselves to it.
2010-05-22 09:36   
Ah, I never knew how the mechanic worked. Good input.
2010-05-22 14:09   
I've notice that dorf will sleep about anywhere too. Has that been reported as a minor bug?
2010-05-22 14:13   
^^^ Yes, see 0000034 and 0000647.

Toady One   
2010-09-06 03:50   
Looks like the fix for 0000034 has fixed this, and it checks out in tests, so hopefully it is all working out. Go ahead and reopen if it comes up again in a new fort after 0.31.13 (old forts might have problems until beds are rebuilt, since there's some lingering debris I can't easily clean).