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32bitLinux 2.6.32-22-genericUbuntu 10.04
0002023: dead expedition leader precludes visits by dwarven caravans
This is using the 5/16 build for Linux from http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=57492.0 [^]

It seems related to the discussion here: http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=52200.0 [^] but I could not find a search facility in Mantis.

In the second season of the first year, the expedition leader fell into an unsatisfiable mood and soon perished of dehydration. In addition to not being able to appoint previously vacant noble positions or replace existing appointments, it has now been three years of game time and no dwarven caravan has arrived in that span.
Haven't tried to reproduce.
The four nobles I'd appointed are manager, chief medical dwarf, broker and bookkeeper. I've had (two) annual visits from the elves just as I'd expect. View Civilizations lists a Dwarven (Sedilimush) and an Elven civilization (Karaitha). The imports/offerings tab under Sedilimush says None for both Imports & Offerings from Nishducim.
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This is a partial duplicate of http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/mantisbt/view.php?id=141 [^] though nothing there mentions the failure of caravans to show.
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This is probably linked to 0000576. Did you get an announcement saying "A diplomat has left unhappy"? If you can't remember, try searching your gamelog.txt for the word "unhappy" or whatever.

Are you getting any migrants?

2010-05-22 09:03   
inder@death:~/Desktop/df_linux$ grep -i diplomat gamelog.txt

No diplomat has left unhappy messages. I've gotten two waves of migrants, but not in a while:
binder@death:~/Desktop/df_linux$ grep -i migrant gamelog.txt
Some migrants have arrived.
Some migrants have arrived.
The fortress attracted no migrants this season.
The fortress attracted no migrants this season.
The fortress attracted no migrants this season.
The fortress attracted no migrants this season.
2010-05-22 09:17   
Hmm. I wonder if the liaison was the last surviving dwarf in your civilization. Could you try backing up your save, abandoning, and checking out the civ in Legends or Adv. Mode to see whether it has any dwarves left?
2010-05-22 10:04   
Adv. Mode only offers the choice of Human or Elf characters, no Dwarf origins at all.

In Legends:

Sedilimush's last pre-play events are from 290 and 298, when two different dwarven settlements were destroyed by enemy forces. Given the proliferation of messages I'm not able to ascertain if all dwarves named in its history are later killed or abducted.

Deduk Sosh, the other dwarven civilization, seemed to be doing relatively okay until year 168 when a dwarf becomes outpost liaison, but there are no messages after that year for that civilization.
2010-05-22 21:18   
OK, I've done some more digging into it. I created a fortress from the other dwarven civilization, Deduk Sosh. It also receives no dwarven caravan in autumn. So it appears to have nothing to do with the dying nobles and everything to do with this region which was generated with two dwarven civilizations, one of which appears to have been wiped out. Perhaps a more accurate bug summary for this would be: possible to generate region without active dwarven civilizations.

It seems that without at least one active, no dwarven caravans.