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0002051: Ranged bug
Possibly linked to crossbows working improperly in general, when selected to equip individual choice ranged, given a choice of bone crossbow and a copper axe, the dwarf equipped the axe. It seems crossbows aren't even marked as a ranged weapon.
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duplicate of 0000084resolved Toady One Individual choice ranged/melee apparently ignores whether weapon is ranged or melee 
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2010-05-23 22:01   
Did the dwarf have the woodcutting labor enabled? Were they on or off duty at the time? Did their uniform settings require them to wear their uniforms off duty?
2010-05-23 23:58   
I have seen plenty of dorfs whose melee weapon of choice was crossbow, despite there being several hammers and maces and axes and even picks available.

I tried to force a marks-squad with crossbows but most of them never even picked up one and none of them did any practicing despite there being bolts and quivers and archery targets designated and assigned and available.

2010-05-24 00:41   
(edited on: 2010-05-24 00:55)
yes woodcutting was not enabled, I started with completely clean peasants and just started like this. The dwarf in question was alone in his squad, and was thus the militia commander. Anything dealing with uniforms was just the default. I was trying from scratch trying to get crossbows to work.

2010-05-24 00:52   
(edited on: 2010-05-24 00:53)
Did you verify that the bone crossbow was accessible to the soldier, not currently equipped by another dwarf, and unforbidden? Does making more crossbows change anything?

2010-05-24 00:56   
It was accaessable and unforbidden, I'm going to try it again, hold on.

2010-05-24 01:04   
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okay, tried again with a a new fort from scratch, no skills activated and all peasants. Chose the copper axe again when I made a new squad, chose no uniform, chose equip, and chose individual choice ranged. I also made a meeting zone next to the bow, and he bypassed it in favor of the axe.

Now, without individual choice ranged, and instead crossbow, he WILL choose the crossbow.

Jiri Petru   
2010-05-24 04:46   
This works the other way around, too.
My hammerdwarf has "individual choice, melee". He decided to use a (-steel crossbow-). I do have a plenty of warhammers lying around but none of them are as good as (-steel-). He probably choose the crossbow because it allows HAMMER skill and is of the best combination of material/quality available.

In other words, the ranged/melee part of "individual choice" doesn't seem to work.
2010-05-24 09:04   
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Oops, I should have marked this as a duplicate of 0000084 to begin with. I've crossposted everyone's notes, so all the information is there now.