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0002055Dwarf FortressTechnical -- Renderingpublic2010-05-24 01:562010-08-07 10:41
LinuxOpensuse11.2 x64
0002055: Linux version won't show more than 25 rows
it will always only show 25 "lines" or rows

[GRID:80:50] -> not working
[WINDOWEDY:800] -> also not working, regarding the linecount

i put up my whole df dir including configuration http://krazz.net/df_linux.tar.gz [^] (it includes maydays tileset)
just start the program attached
seems to be also broken in windoze version (at least when emulated with wine)
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child of 0001926resolved Baughn Playing intro movies prevents screen resizing in OSX 
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2010-05-24 02:07   
interesting also:
the first savegame uses a world generated in ASCII mode. when using this with the mayday tileset, some sprites are f***ed, like dog and cats will still be displayed using "d" or "c"

the second savegame was created whit maydays tiles, they display as expected
2010-05-24 02:10   
(edited on: 2010-05-24 12:53)
what i also experienced are enormous waiting times when loading a game, or activating "create new world".

the used cpu core will be on 100% for several minutes, and the screen will just stay black. with __31.03__ [sorry, in reality it was 40d], windows version this only lasts for around 20-30 seconds

2010-05-24 05:51   
The [GRID] setting no longer exists, it is calculated automatically from the resolution. Alternatively, the [WINDOWEDX] and [WINDOWEDY] can be given a number of tiles, like the old grid setting, and the resolution will be calculated automatically.

Do you have the intro on? If so, try turning it off (your download didn't work for me, so I can't look). The intro is always in a certain size grid, so could be causing the problem.

About the graphics in your first savegame, you're probably missing the raw/graphics folder in the savegame itself (or using the default one, which contains two dwarfs and nothing else). Copy the one from your root DF into it and it should work.
2010-05-24 06:37   
(edited on: 2010-05-24 06:49)
indeed; disabling the intro makes it work as it should, thanks for the tip ! (still a bug)

regarding the download link: the server sucks, will cancel the d/l after a while, you have to resume it (i.e. wget will resume automatically)

regarding note 0007253: it took 4 minutes to load the savegame on a pentium dual core E5200 (2.5ghz, underclocked to 1.2 Ghz) with 4GB RAM. i tested again with 31.03 binary, and it's also very slow. in the 40d version, a similar world loads in a few seconds

2010-05-24 08:55   
The tileset problems are 0001911.

What PRINT_MODE are you using? If you change your FPS cap to something ridiculously high like 10000, what FPS do you get on the main menu?

What size worlds are you creating, and what size areas are you embarking on?

2010-05-24 09:56   
(edited on: 2010-05-24 09:58)

when i set the caps to 10000, the main menu will start with around 4000 fps, goin up to 10000 quickly and staying there ( FPS: 10020 (44) )

the world size is the minimum possible (created with "design a map"; i just wanted to have a quick "check" map) - embarking is done with default settings

the download is working btw (file should have 37.6 MB)

2010-06-21 12:31   
Is this still a problem in 31.08?
2010-06-28 08:00   
Reminder sent to: rofl0r

Is this still a problem in 31.08?
2010-08-07 10:40   
Closing on the assumption that this was fixed long ago.