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0002075: Cannot build up/down or up stairs from above if there is a web on ground below
I'm almost certain I've been able to build an up/down stair from above into the caverns below.

Now I'm getting the message "...cancels Construct Building: Could not find path."

The only thing I can conclude is that the square I'm attempting to build on has a spider web in it.

The builders get the block, get on the up/down stairs above and begin building. Then I get the suspend cancel/suspend message.

When I cancel the building site, the blocks fall to the level below.
As another issue, those blocks are now marked as available to build with on that level, even though they aren't reachable and construction will never begin.
Hard to find the exact conditions to reproduce. I can upload a save if needed.
http://i881.photobucket.com/albums/ac11/Mondoshawan/webblocker.jpg [^]
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I forgot to check the errorlog.txt file - it seems to support that the dwarf was trying to get rid of (clean) the spider web:

path fail: dwarf,Construct Building,60,72,30 -> 60,72,29: Id (No.)1264:Path Goal Clean Building Site:Station Mill Building at 65,76,38

Edit: I had to change the hash symbol because Mantis converts it to a bug report link.

2010-05-26 21:38   
This sounds normal - the web is in the way, and your mason cannot reach the tile in order to clear it of objects because you're building from above.
2010-05-26 22:42   
I get that...but webs are destroyed by walking over them...I would think that dropping a giant carved rock block on them would destroy them as well...

I guess the question is whether or not it is intended for a spider web to block a construction.
2015-01-16 05:16   
The question is still open. Although I'm inclined to expect the answer as 'yes'.

You get the same problem if items are on the ground, or if an 'up ramp' is where you want to build the stairs.