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0002080: Beaten dwarf ignores wounds
I had a dwarf beaten by my captain-of-the-guard. The dwarf ended up with a number of wounds. He did not go rest but continued on as if nothing had happened.
Appoint noble, but not guard captain. Ignore production mandate. Ignore sentence for a long time (don't know if this is necessary but its what I did -- I ignored the sentence much longer than the sentence itself), don't create a jail.

Appoint a captain of the guard, he schedules 'beat criminal'. Criminal gets beaten, has wounds, doesn't go rest, takes on other jobs (e.g. hauling).
Maybe its because the criminal was drinking at the time he was beaten. :)
Actually after finishing his drinking he went to eat, then started hauling rocks. By that time all his yellow & brown wounds had healed, but he still has a broken finger on each hand (both 'smashed open' which I guess means compound fractures).
I would have thought that being beaten would interrupt his drinking, then he'd go straight to the hospital.
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