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0002126: <name> cancels Releasing Small Creature: Need Empty Trap. message spammed repeatably.
<name> cancels Releasing Small Creature: Need Empty Trap.

I'm getting close to thirty messages a tick about this.

This was an issue back in 0.39e that I've had the pleasure of getting in DF2010.03
Original report: (acknowledged but not completely fixed)
http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=22494.msg249764 [^]
"I've noticed that going to another cage, and accidently selecting and deselecting a maggot would start this spam too.

I think what happens in that case is that the vermin is no longer considered assigned to the first cage; thus the dwarves want to let it out, but they need a trap to do so. Going back to the first cage and reassigning the vermin should, hopefully, fix it (I think that's how I stopped the spam when I tried to let one out once). Otherwise, you'll just have to make an animal trap.

If it does get there, after it is milked it gets munched.

Back to the spam issue, I think a good fix to stop it would be to automatically reassigned the vermin to the cage that it's already in (or the last one it was in), if possible, but still spit out a job cancellation message. If it's not possible to reassign it to the cage (it's not tracked, can't be found out, etc.) then maybe just let it go free with a message indicating that a vermin escaped because of the lack of animal traps."

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duplicate of 0001538new  Dwarves constantly spam "cancels Release Small Creature: Need empty trap." 
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If it does get there, after it is milked it gets munched."
- ignore that line. Different issue when copy-pasting.