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0000217Dwarf FortressTechnical -- Generalpublic2010-04-02 19:492010-06-09 06:45
Holy Mittens 
0000217: World Gen consumes massive amounts of memory
Starting world gen causes Dwarf Fortress's memory usage to jump from roughly 43 MB to 1.5 GB. Generating a world continues to cause the memory usage to rise. Generating a Large world causes my system to reach 100% memory usage very shortly and immediately DF crashes. Generating Medium or smaller worlds successfully finish generating as they never reach 100% memory usage.
Start world gen.
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duplicate of 0000046resolved Footkerchief After "Create New World Now!", there was a memory leak and process left running after quitting. 
has duplicate 0001889closed Logical2u World gen crashing DF after 100-300 years of genning. 
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2010-04-03 02:14   
Similar to 0000216 but this report states that the game crashes immediately. It might be that other reporter is not reaching 100% usage.
2010-04-03 19:21   
This issue seems to be related to having graphics on for me. If I set [GRAPHICS:YES] in init.txt generating a world causes memory usage to rise to around 1.5GB. If graphics is set to NO memory usage only rises to about 110MB or so for me.
Holy Mittens   
2010-04-03 21:01   
This seems to have magically disappeared for me. Even though I am still using graphics, I generated a world today and it didn't have a sudden jump in memory usage prior to world gen actually starting (at which point it began to rise, but not excessively).
Holy Mittens   
2010-04-04 17:08   
Nope, it's back now. Turning off graphics does correct the problem though.
2010-04-29 13:49   
Is this problem still around in 31.03?
2010-05-27 13:59   
This seems to be the same problem as 0000046. Please continue any discussions there.
2010-05-27 18:47   
If I may, I think this "bug" is more about there's too much memory usage in general in World Gen, leading to a possible crash. But 0000046 is specifically a memory leak after multiple world generations.

If anything, in my eyes 0000046 is the child of this bug.
2010-05-27 19:14   
I didn't see anything about multiple world generations in 0000046, and people in 0000046 were talking about high memory usage (even mentioning the same 1.5 GB figure) as part of the issue. 0000046 doesn't mention a crash, but there's no corroboration of a crash in this report, either.

Basically, these reports seem mostly identical but the discussion in 0000046 seems more productive (more memory usage stats etc).
2010-05-27 19:22   
Well 0000046 is about the memory leak - they generated a world then quit the game and the process persisted, hogging the same amount of memory. (or too much). [I quote, "The process is taking 1.4gb of ram even after running another instance of DF. Required a "end process" to recover."]

This is just about they generated a world that used too much memory (and there were a few reports about hitting the 2gb limit and crashing, but you're right, neither of them are mentioned here, which I expected).

But yes, 0000046's discussion is better, I'm just seeing it as a child of "high memory usage" because 0000046 reads as "high memory usage persists after qutting" where as this is just "high memory usage". I'm not sure the distinction is super important, but it's just how I see it anyways.