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0002207Dwarf FortressTechnical -- Generalpublic2010-06-07 12:192010-08-10 00:15
MacMac os x snow leopard10.6.3
0002207: Interface does not update, leaving a ghost image of what was there, until the interface is told to resfresh
pause and unpause a few times(probably when exiting a submenu), does not update until paused, and then fixes itself
pause and unpause a few times(probably when exiting a submenu), does not update until paused, and then fixes itself
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duplicate of 0002156resolved Toady One Artifacts in border/divider column in Fortress Mode main display after opening menus 
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2010-06-07 12:31   
Like 0002156?
2010-06-07 12:38   
I believe I'm having the same issue.

Any time the game pauses as I do normal tasks like "q" to assign tasks at a workshop, "k" to look around, "v" to look at a dwarf, etc. I hit "esc" to leave that menu and my dwarves start moving around like they should, but the *pause* notification in the top left is still there. I have to either hit pause once to actually pause and then again to un-pause, or hit "esc" twice, in order to clear that *pause* notification.

This is on a save game generated in 0.31.01 (first 2010 release) & moved to 0.31.05. 31.05 is giving me this problem now and it wasn't happening before.
2010-06-07 12:39   
Montalas: that bug is 0002157.
2010-06-07 13:10   
So what happens, Jaked, when you play around with the partial print settings?

(That, and I'm going to assume it's not your monitor ghosting?)
2010-06-21 12:08   
Didn't hear back, so we'll assume it's 0002156.