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0000222Dwarf FortressPathfindingpublic2010-04-02 20:012011-03-09 18:59
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WindowsXPPro SP3
0000222: Finding open route through mechanisms broken
Dwarves may travel freely through mechanisms (gears, axles, etc.). "Find shortest route" works through mechanisms. But "test for open routes" does not work through mechanisms.

Until there is another route, they will get stuck and stand there, useless. As soon as an alternate, much longer route opens, they look for the shortest route - through the mechanism - and blithely walk through the gears and axles freely.
Trap dwarves via building mechanisms. Tunnel a very very long route around to them. Watch them walk out through the gears.
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2010-04-02 20:06   
find shortest route?
test for open routes?
2010-04-02 21:03   
Trapping a dwarf between a locked door and a gear, and he simply paths out through the gear.

I did try doing a stone dump in an area blocked off by gears which seemed to prevent pathing. It also seemed to prevent the building of another gear in the blocked area.

Still looking at this.
2010-04-02 21:10   
There seems to be some serious pathing issues with regards to constructed walls/ramps/stairs as well. In a 2-wide, 2-z level tall corridor, you should be able to construct a wall-wall-ramp to get to the second z-level and then build another wall up there. However, currently, this doesn't work, fails with 'no path to building material non-economic item'.

Also, after deconstructing the wall-wall-ramp, dwarves are still having great difficulty even figuring out they're now able to walk back to the nearby stairs and get out.
2010-04-02 21:18   
keep the constructed pathing issue separate please. I agree I think there is more than one pathing related thing broken right now, but it's going to be easier for toady if we can isolate each one separately and give reliable steps to reproduce each case.
2010-06-30 13:15   
Can anyone else reproduce this?
2010-07-02 19:46   
I have several places in my current fort that can only be accessed by walking over gearboxes. I'm not having this problem in .08.
2010-07-13 22:02   
Feel free to reopen this issue or PM me on the forums if the bug is still present.