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0002283Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Inventorypublic2010-06-11 20:082014-07-25 16:05
Toady One 
0002283: Adventurer can drop a crutch in a number of ways that don't remove the crutch-walking status
Adventurers who pick up a crutch are flagged as being crutch-walking until they have dropped the crutch while holding it in a hand. It is possible to lose the crutch by other means, such as throwing it, or putting it in a bag and then dropping it, but the crutch-walking status persists even though the adventurer no longer possesses a crutch. Specifically, movement speed is drastically reduced and the adventurer gains crutch-walking experience by moving. This persists until the adventurer picks up a crutch with a hand and drops it.
Create a pocket island, embark next to a generated fort, bring nothing but crutches, abandon, create an adventurer, go to the site, pick up a crutch, throw it.
Present in 0.31.04 and 0.31.06. In a non-reproducible case I wasn't able to get rid of the status by any means.
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2012-02-16 19:10   
Can confirm that this is still present in 34.01.
2012-02-25 14:54   
i can confirm its present in 34.02, was just searching for it before i posted it and here it is.