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0002301Dwarf FortressTechnical -- Generalpublic2010-06-13 09:542010-06-15 05:43
resolvedunable to reproduce 
GNU/LinuxArch Linux2.6.32.12-x86_64
0002301: Crashes when embarking on a new fortress
I'm running Dwarf Fortress on my Arch VPS in NCurses mode.
1) Start Dwarf Fortress.

2) Embark to a new fortress.

3) Choose location.

4) Wait while it loads...

5) Crash.
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2010-06-13 10:05   
Does the game have write access to the location you installed DF in? Does it still crash in different graphics modes? Have you tried getting a fresh download? Did you unzip the new version on top of an existing installation?
2010-06-13 10:37   
I've got two questions.
1. Does it crash on every world you try and embark on?
2. If not, does it crash on a clean, fresh, install on a world with the same embark parameters and location?
2010-06-15 05:22   
This issue magically fixed itself somehow. I just tried it now and it works.
2010-06-15 05:43   
Alright, marked as "unable to reproduce" then.