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0002330Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Militarypublic2010-06-14 16:192010-07-06 13:22
Windows Vista
0002330: Dwarfs don't follow squad's schedule when added
After you add dwarfs to an existing squad, the new dwarfs will not follow the schedule set for the squad.
- Create a squad with one only one dwarf.
- Give it an alternating "Train-Station-Train" schedule.
- After a few in-game months have passed, add some dwarves to that squad.
- BUG: New dwarfs won't follow that schedule/do nothing ("No Job").
I'm uploading my save to the depository and will post a link when it is done.
Military, schedule, squads
related to 0000969resolved lethosor Can set ridiculous amount of orders for a single month 
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Scratch the save. I'm having upload problems.

2010-07-06 13:22   
Confirmation of this bug. I made a 3 dwarf squad with year-round train orders. After expanding it to 8 dwarfs, deleting all the orders for that alert, and re-writing them to include 6 dwarfs minimum, only the same 3 original dwarves ever trained after more than a year.

Not sure if this arises from deleting then rewriting existing alert commands - the dwarfs might all train if a new alert or entirely new squad was made.